About Us


The Indiana Learning Lab is a personalized microlearning platform filled with readily accessible resources and collections grounded in solid instructional pedagogy. The Learning Lab is funded by the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) and provides teaching and learning support for educators and families. This support includes access to teaching experts via live chat, weekly live workshops, and an open community forum to collaborate with others across the state of Indiana.

The Live Chat is powered by Five Star Technology Solutions and IDOE staff.


Five Star Technology Solutions

Five Star Technology Solutions works with over 130 public school districts, charter schools, and private schools in Indiana as well as districts nationwide to meet the learning needs of educators. Established in 2005, Five Star is a community of engineers, teachers, administrators, and Google Certified professionals with a variety of knowledgeable backgrounds. Five Star demonstrates their unparalleled skill set by partnering in the creation of consistently awesome, evidence-based, relevant, and engaging learning opportunities. Chosen by the IDOE Office of eLearning in 2015 to help set the standard for high-quality digital learning, Five Star continues to provide customized solutions like educator workshops, technical services, engagement dashboards, and Cloud migration. Since 2017, Five Star has been a Google for Education partner.

Indiana Department of Education

The Indiana Department of Education, under the leadership of Dr. Jenner's leadership, is guided by the following principles.

The Indiana Department of Education Guiding Principles-
  • Student-Centered: To have the most positive impact on student learning, we will keep students top of mind and make every decision based on the needs of individual learners.
  • Inclusive and Collaborative: We are committed to activating communities by engaging partners throughout the state.
  • Champions of Educators: Our educators are critical partners in our students' education journeys, and we will prioritize supporting them and elevating our profession.
  • Data- and Results-Driven: We will rely on data and results to shape innovative solutions, guide decision-making, drive student learning, and measure the impact of public policy.
  • Transparent and Trustworthy: We will make accurate data readily available to ensure public understanding.
  • Future-Focused: Since our rapidly changing economy will require continuous education for a growing number of Hoosiers, we will encourage increased innovation within our education to workforce continuum to meet the needs of an uncertain future economy.

Historical Partnership

The Indiana Learning Lab was created in 2020 to provide educators and families with the support they needed to transition to eLearning in partnership with The Mind Trust, SETDA, and e-Learning Fund Contributors.